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New painting of Southern Venturer donated to the collection.

An eagerly awaited parcel arrived at the South Georgia Museum this week – an amazing painting of the factory ship Southern Venturer. The painting was completed by artist and ex-whaler George Cummings last year and he kindly donated the piece to the Museum for display in the Carr Maritime Gallery. A huge thank you must go to George for this excellent donation.

Southern Venturer by George Cummings
Southern Venturer by George Cummings

The new painting shows pelagic whale factory ship Southern Venturer, hauling a blue whale up the stern slipway. Southern Venturer was built for the Christian Salvesen Co. of Leith, Scotland.

George first visited South Georgia as a Mess Boy on the Southern Harvester in 1947. He returned to South Georgia on the Harvester the following season and again during the 1961-62 season on the Southern Venturer.

He has been painting marine and Antarctic scenes for many years, many of these paintings depict whaling vessels. Examples of his work can been seen in whaling museums around the world and he previously donated an oil painting of Pesca 2 to the South Georgia Museum in memory of Nigel Bonner.

George is also Chairman of the Salvesen Ex-Whalers Club which is based in Edinburgh. He is currently working with South Georgia Museum on an ex-whalers oral history project to document the remarkable history of whaling on and around the Island. We are extremely grateful for George’s ongoing support of the Museum and the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

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