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'Tis The Season!10 øre tokenA review of the last month at the Museum by Sue Edwards
About UsAinslie's blogAlert in the Falkland Islands
Alert in the Falkland Islands by Sally PoncetAllardyce RoomAnd we're off; but can we have a gun please. SG Director Sarah Lurcock writes at the start of the new season.
Anorak worn by John ChesterAnorak worn by Malcom BurleyArrowsmith trophy
Artefacts in storageAshtrayBLOG
BackpackBackpack used during South Georgia SurveysBaleen plates
Barnacle from a whaleBarrelBiostat whale formula
Black-browed albatross eggBladesBlock of baleen plate from a minke whale
Blubber hookBlubber hook (1992.1.110.1)Blubber hook (1992.1.111.1-2)
Blubber hook (1992.5.19)Blubber hook (1992.5.20)Blubber hook (1992.5.22)
Blubber hook (1992.5.23)Blubber hook (2001.2.323)Blubber hook (2001.4.323)
Blubber hook (2008.2)Bonner RoomBooklet
Bottle with corkBrass clipBridget's blog
Can of smokeless powder for whale cannonCan you help the South Georgia Museum with your old photographs? Posted May 29th 2014Candle stand
Carbide lampCarved piece of teakCemetary
Coal scuttleCoat hookCollection of 13 glass bottles
Colour code board for station pipeworkCompass from Shackleton’s “Nimrod” expeditionCompañia Argentina de Pesca badge
Cooper's benchCoopers benchCoopers broach
Coopers toolCopy of woodcut of Possession BayCurator's Blog - 13/12/07
Curator's Blog - 23/4/2008Curatorial Intern Katie Murray give us a run down of the last month at the South Georgia Museum. Happy New Year!Curatorial Intern Katie Murray gives us a run down of the last month at the South Georgia Museum. Happy New Year!
Curatorial plans for the seasonCurators Blog – 8/11/07Curator’s Blog - 15/2/2008
Divers pumpDiving beltDiving suit
Draught mark from the “Louise”Embryo of humpback whaleEngraving tool
Engraving toolsEnsign from yacht "Totorore"
Fastening from the “Louise”Fid (1998.6.304)Football boots
Football shieldFragment of bottleFragment of bottle (1995.3.212.1)
Framed photograph of "Daisy"Fullerton RoomFundraising initiatives
General Manager's blogGetting going for the new seasonGlass bottle (1997.5.250)
Glass lid for Kilner jarGood weather brings with it the chance to undertake outdoor work in South Georgia!Grave marker, H. Brockloae
Grave marker, W. H. DyreGraveyardHERE
Hand hook (1992.1.110.1)Hand hook (1992.1.110.2)Historic images around the station
HistoryHomeHouse flag of Christian Salvesen Whaling Company
Hymn bookIce axeInsulators
Iron bolt (1995.3.212.2)Japanese catch report boardJarvis Room
JugKnife (2005.3.371)Knife (2005.5.371)
Knife with sheathLamp for burning tram (whale) oilLarge fid
Larsen RoomLast few weeksLatest News
Leather bootLeather boot (2002.2.339)Leather bucket
Lecture to the Kendall Whaling Museum on the beginnings of South Georgia Museum by Nigel Bonner, 16th October 1993Lens from the eye of a sperm whaleLetter from Sir Ernest Shackleton
Lid from toothpaste potLiz Adams tells us about some of the events at the museum throughout NovemberLogbook belonging to Captain C. A. Larsen
Longines wrist watch belonging to Tony BomfordLouise survives another storm and it is goodbye to the museum team
Maker's plateMap of the Falkland Islands’ DependenciesMaritime Gallery
Mittens belonging to Duncan CarseMuseum Assistant Darren Blanche on the return of Team Rat and an overview of the museum events in February.Museum Assistant Gemma French brings us to date to the end of the year.
Museum Assistant Henrick Løvendahl writes of events in February as the season draws to a close.Museum Assistant Josie Clark on film crews, yacht visitors, pipits and whalesMuseum Assistant Josie Clark on film crews, yacht visitors, pipits and whales...
Museum Assistant Kris Allan on the events of January at the South Georgia MuseumMuseum Assistant Sue Edwards tells us the latest news from Grytviken and round aboutMuseum Assistant Sue Werner reports on all the events in a busy January at the South Georgia Museum.
Museum team success in the South Georgia Half Marathon!New job opportunity with South Georgia Heritage Trust!New member
NewsNigel BonnerNigel Bonner's microtome
Norwegian sign for seasonal saleNotebookOil lamp
Painting in watercolour of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship “Quest”Pair of painted whale bullaPair of painted whale bullae
Pair of scrimshaw penguinsPesca signPhoto album
Photograph “Shackleton’s Great Open Boat Journey”Photographic print illustration of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship “Quest”Piano
Piece of wood from Shackleton’s ship “Endurance”Plaque memorial to Sir Ernest Shackleton (1997.1.274)Plaque memorial to Sir Ernest Shackleton (1997.1.275)
Plaque memorial to Sir Ernest Shackleton (1997.1.276)Plaque memorial to Sir Ernest Shackleton (1997.1.277)Primus stove made of brass
Prince RoomPrint of watercolour painting of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship “Quest”Radar
RadioRead Ainslie's blogRead all about it!
Recent blogRifle Shooting cupRifle shooting cup
Ringdal or whalers bunk roomRopework matRunning shoes
Ruth's blogSGHT Director SG Sarah Lurcock rounds up the 2011/12 season with the nbews from March.SGHT Director SG Sarah Lurcock rounds up the 2011/12 season with the news from March.
SGHT Director South Georgia Sarah Lurcock rounds up the season with a report on events at the Museum through March.ScriberScrimshaw found at Leith Harbour
Scrimshaw painted head figureScrimshaw penguinScrimshaw sperm whale tooth
Sealer's glass bottleSealing knifeSealing knife (1992.1.109)
Sealing lanceSextantShard of pottery
Shards of wood from the "James Caird"Ship model of “Southern Wheeler” in a bottleShooting cup
Shop Manager's Blog - 16/01/08Shop Manager's Blog – 26/11/07Skis made of wood (1998.6.299)
Sledge made of wood(1998.6.298)Sledge made of wood (1998.6.298)Sleeping bag
Solid fuel cookerSouth Georgia MuseumSouth Georgia Museum artefacts go on display in New York
South Georgia Museum auctions stunning albatross sculptureSouth Georgia pipit eggSpoon
Sports medalSqueegee used for whale oilStill
StopperTenneskruer harpoon grenade fusesTent made of grey canvas (1998.6.303)
The Carr Maritime GalleryThe James Caird replica arrives at South Georgia MuseumThe latest happenings in South Georgia by Ruth Fraser
The new museum season has started. Hear what the team have been up toThe new museum season has started. Read what the team have been up to by Sue Edwards.The new team and the curatorial plans for the season
Theodor AnderssonThere is a dead rat in the cellar… Thomas Kennedy, the Curatorial Intern rounds up events from November.Three Japanese blubber hooks
Tim and Pauline CarrTimelineTin opener
Tooth from a sperm whale (1998.6.306)Tooth from an elephant seal (1992.5.050.1)Tooth from an elephant seal (1992.5.050.2)
Tooth of a sperm whale (1992.1.049)Top part of bull elephant seal skullTwo pieces of wood from the boat “James Caird”
Various ScrimshawViolin made on South Georgia set to return to the islandVisit to Sandefjord
VisitingVolunteer Sam Moore writes about the varied experiences he has had during his month helping out at the Museum.Wads
Walking stick owned by Sir Ernest ShackletonWatercolour painting of Grytviken whaling stationWhale harpoon
Whale line guideWhale tooth napkin ringWhalers Trades Room
WhalingWhaling harpoonWynn-Williams letter