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[edit] January 2018

Artist in Residence Theo Crutchley-Mack writes about creaking oil tanks and exceeding his high expectations

[edit] December 2017

We got dogs for Christmas

[edit] November 2017

A Wedding and a Bust Up

[edit] October 2017

Order Order Another season starts

[edit] August 2017

Meet the 2017-18 South Georgia Museum team

[edit] April 2017

Eel pouts and vicious fur seal puppies

[edit] January 2017

Curator Lorna gets to grips with 54 historic photos and some fur seal puppies

[edit] December 2016

Jo hardy describes a South Georgia Christmas

[edit] November 2016

Vickie on the invasion of the weaners

[edit] October 2016

Danielle is back and ready for the busiest ever month

[edit] February-March 2016

Curator Matthew Moran has been reaching new heights

[edit] January-February 2016

Sharon Nicholas reports on the Royal Visit and much more

[edit] December-January 2016

Lucy Hirschle joined the SG Museum team to help with the fund raising

[edit] November-December 2015

Artist in Residence Jamie Grant with a museum team update

[edit] October-November 2015

New experiences

[edit] September-October 2015

Preparing for a record breaking season

[edit] March-April 2015

Curator Deirdre Mitchell marks the end of the season by climbing a pole

[edit] February 2015

Curator Deirdre Mitchell has finished the redisplay of the Carr Maritime Gallery

[edit] Jacks poetic version of the the museum Whaling Station Tour

Young visitor Jack Barnes wrote a poem after going on the South Georgia Museum Whaling Station Tour

[edit] December 2014

Museum Assistant Sheri Bluestein writes about our busy Christmas period

[edit] November 2014

Curator Deirdre starts tackling her huge range of tasks

[edit] October 2014

A new museum team arrive ready for a busy summer ahead

[edit] Appeal for photographs of Stores in Grytviken Whaling Station

Can you help the South Georgia Museum with your old photographs? Posted May 29th 2014

[edit] February 2014

Museum Assistant Josie Clark on film crews, yacht visitors, pipits and whales

[edit] January 2014

Museum Assistant Kris Allan on the events of January at the South Georgia Museum

[edit] December 2013

'Tis The Season!

[edit] Albatross raises funds for South Georgia's birds

South Georgia Museum auctions stunning albatross sculpture

[edit] November 2013

Getting going for the new season

[edit] March 2013

Louise survives another storm and it is goodbye to the museum team

[edit] February 2013

Museum Assistant Darren Blanche on the return of Team Rat and an overview of the museum events in February

[edit] January 2013

Volunteer Sam Moore writes about the varied experiences he has had during his month helping out at the Museum

[edit] December 2012

Museum Assistant Gemma French brings us to date to the end of the year

[edit] November 2012

There is a dead rat in the cellar… Thomas Kennedy, the Curatorial Intern rounds up events from November

[edit] October 2012

And we're off; but can we have a gun please. SG Director Sarah Lurcock writes at the start of the new season with an update to the end of the year

[edit] March 2012

SGHT Director SG Sarah Lurcock rounds up the 2011/12 season with the news from March

[edit] February 2012

Museum Assistant Henrick Løvendahl writes of events in February as the season draws to a close

[edit] January 2012

Museum Assistant Sue Werner reports on all the events in a busy January at the South Georgia Museum

[edit] December 2011

Curatorial Intern Katie Murray gives us a run down of the last month at the South Georgia Museum. Happy New Year!

[edit] November 2011

Liz Adams tells us about some of the events at the museum throughout November

[edit] October 2011

The new museum season has started. Read what the team have been up to by Sue Edwards