The Collection

Inspiring the thousands of people who visit the island each year the museum has grown into a major resource. One of our principal aims is to make the collection more accessible by increasing its educational potential worldwide. As a result, the development of an online collection database in 2009 marked a major step.

Collection Highlights​

Discover the story of the South Georgia through our collections. Originally a museum of whaling it has evolved over the last 20 years to encompass all that represents the heritage of the island, both nature and culture. The collection includes archaeology, artworks, maritime, geology, military history, social history and natural history.

We’ve picked the most interesting objects to show you online. So you can enjoy them, wherever you are.

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Enjoy exploring the collection – from rare whale barnacles and albatross eggs to beer bottles and boats. Search the collection by clicking on a curated theme below or enter your own keywords directly into the search page here.

The museum collection reflects all aspects of South Georgia and objects are grouped by sub-category. These sub-categories are based on broad themes to help you find what you want. These theme’s include whaling, social history, expedition and exploration, natural history, military and maritime. Click on an image below to go to a keyword search for that category.

Expedition & Exploration

Social History

Natural History