Guidance and FAQs for potential donations to the museum collection

Originally a museum of whaling the collection has evolved over the last 20 years to encompass all that represents the heritage of the South Georgia island, both nature and culture. Our collection contains approximately 1000 museum objects along with hundreds of books, journals and archive documents. The collection includes archaeology, artworks, maritime, geology, military history, social history and natural history.

The South Georgia Museum greatly appreciates and encourages the many kind offers of donations to the collection that it receives each year. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every item offered to us. Therefore we must make sure that each item we acquire is the best possible fit with our collecting policy.


  • ‘Items’ is a blanket term that includes museum, archive and library objects
  • The terms ‘object’, ‘item’ and ‘artefact’ are interchangeable for the purposes of this guidance
  • ‘Collection’ means all the objects in the care of the South Georgia Museum

FAQs for donors

I have an object that might be interesting for the collection; should I send it to you?

Please don’t send an item to us without giving us prior warning. Please email or write to us at South Georgia Museum, King Edward Point, Island of South Georgia, Via Falkland Islands, South Atlantic SIQQ 1ZZ.

What information do you need about the object?

To help us decide if your object fits with our collection we need as much information as possible when you contact us. Please include the following:
– A description of the item
– A good picture of the item
– Your full name and contact details
– Provenance details (e.g did you find it in South Georgia or did you buy it? Do you have any details of the history of the item?)
– Method of offer (e.g. is it a gift or sale?)

Can I attach conditions to my offer?

We cannot accept items into the collection that have conditions attached.
We only accept items on loan if it is for a specific reason such as a specified exhibition or event.
We cannot guarantee that your object will be on permanent display.

Can you tell me how much my object is worth?

No, I’m afraid we are unable to help with item valuation. 

I have another question.

Please email museum AT sght DOT org and we’ll do everything we can to help.