Worsley’s Almanac

Object Number: 2013.1

This nautical almanac was used by Captain Frank Worsley in 1916 to navigate the lifeboat James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia. During the course of the voyage the almanac became soaked through until it almost turned into paper pulp and began losing many of its pages. Worsley later gave it to the expedition’s scientist, Reginald James, after the successful rescue of the Endurance crew from Elephant Island. James had worked with Worsley to plot the Caird’s position during their trip through the Weddell Sea and this gift marked the close friendship that formed between them during their epic journey. A note included with the almanac, written by James, reads:

‘Nautical Almanac used by Captain Worsley in navigating the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia / April 24th to May 1916 / Given to me by Worsley in Punta Arenas.’