My Shackleton
My Shackleton
My Shackleton

‘Ah me: the years that have gone since in the pride of young manhood I first went forth to the fight. I grow old and tired but must always lead on.’ – Sir Ernest Shackleton

How did Shackleton find you?

A collaborative online exhibition marking the centenary of the death of Sir Ernest Shackleton at South Georgia. Using your images, text, and other contributions, My Shackleton paints a picture of Shackleton’s enduring power to inspire, teach and intrigue today.

Jonathan Shackleton with Falcon Scott, Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s only grandson.
Jayne Pierce: Curator South Georgia Museum
Tim Jarvis AM: Leader of the Shackleton Epic Expedition
Steve Willetts
Cynthia Tuthill, PhD
Cdr T M Winter FRGS RN, Expedition Leader, Exercise Antarctic Endurance
David Gonnella
From Gavin Ranson:
Morris Ranson 1873-1939, pictured in 1922
Jane Howland, Australia
Thies Matzen and Kicki Ericson
Roger Robinson-Brown: C.O. Gold Rover
Heiko Egenolf
George and Mabel Cummings
Honny C. Lovett
Daniel Hope, Elephant Island Painting
Anne Thomas Donaghy,
Image: Elephant Island
Barbara Williams
Daniel Carr-Rollitt, Buenos Aires
Seb Coulthard FRGS
By Alexandre Deusajute, Brazilian podcaster and host on “Rumo ao Endurance Podcast”.
David Pechey
Jenny Clark (Mrs): Previously resident of South Georgia
Peter and Lesley Damisch
Alexandre Andrade
Ray and Melanie Chamberlain
Irene Hume Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brian Anderson
Jan Jacobs
Barbara Terry: Photo, Yelcho at Puerto Williams
Brian Phillips
The crew of HMS Protector
Ann Lane, Dublin, Ireland
Georgia Tasker, FL
Richard B. Altman
Petter O. Lind
Richard Swann, Brisbane, Australia.
Art Gertel, Phd

‘A wonderful evening. In the darkening twilight I saw a lone star hover, gem-like above the bay.’ – Sir Ernest Shackleton

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