August 2010: The New Team And The Curatorial Plans For The Season

August 2010

As the team prepare to return to the island for the 2010/11 season, find out more about the new team and the curatorial plans for the season.



It’s that time of year again when the team get ready for their journey to South Georgia to man the Museum during the busy summer months.

The new Museum team are as follows:

  • General Museum Manager – Tony Hall
  • Handyman – Hugh Marsden
  • Museum Assistants – Julia Hughes, Sue Edwards
  • Buyer/Museum Assistant – Liz Adams
  • Curator – Elsa Davidson
  • Curatorial Assistant – Lynsey Easton
  • Ruth Fraser – PR & Marketing Manager (SGHT)

Tony, Julia, Liz and Lynsey will head south early in October with Hugh following later in October and Sue arriving in November. Steve and Sylvia will arrive in the second half of the season to continue the amazing taxidermy work and produce the ‘Made in South Georgia’ range.

Lynsey Easton is taking up the new position of Curatorial Assistant for this season. Lynsey is a recent graduate of the Museum and Galleries postgraduate course at The University of St Andrews and she will spend 3-4 months on the island. Lynsey will be continuing the documentation of the collection as well as developing displays and welcoming visitors to the Museum. An interesting addition to the Museum this year will be a series of audio clips from the Ex Whalers Oral History project which will include information on why people joined the whaling industry, roles in the industry, highlights and hardships and their lives as ex whalers. The related interviews were also filmed and we look forward to showing these in the Museum in future.

For this season I will be continuing my work as Curator of the Museum part-time from Scotland. I will be focusing on related research projects, collections development, UK based displays, increasing loan opportunities, updating the online database, promoting the Museum and Trust and developing the Ex Whalers Oral History Project. I will also be overseeing the curatorial work at the Museum remotely.

It looks set to be another busy year at South Georgia Museum – fingers crossed it will also be a very successful one!

More information on the new team to follow shortly……

Elsa Davidson