June 2009: Carr Maritime Gallery & new eHive Collection database

2023 Note – The online collection has now moved HERE:

Carr Maritime Gallery

We now have images from the Carr Maritime Gallery on our website. You can find more information [HERE]

eHive Collections Database

We are happy to announce the launch of the new South Georgia Museum online database. The new system is called eHive and it was specially designed for small collections. We continually strive to make our collection more accessible and eHive allows people to search, view and comment on our collection. As well as having a public profile the system also allows the curator to record related information such as acquisition details, condition reports and display history. We are also able to connect our Museum to other relvant collections, such as the Falkland Islands Museum which also plans to use eHive. We have started to upload our artefacts and will continue to do so over the summer.