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South Georgia Museum launches a new website

A new website for the South Georgia Museum means that anyone, from anywhere around the world, can “visit” the museum even if they will never step foot on South Georgia.

The Museums location in the middle of a mountainous icy sub-Antarctic island means that relatively few will ever walk through the entrance doors. Museum Director Sarah Lurcock said “We wanted to find a way to enable everyone to see the fantastic and wide-ranging collections.”

Indeed, those visiting via the website can see more than visitors to the actual museum do. The whole collection, including all the things stored in the Object Stores, can be seen through the ‘Search the Collection’ feature.

There are several fun new features on the website including an Object of the Month and a clickable floor map highlighting each of the rooms within the museum. The popular Oral Histories of ex whalers can also easily be found.

Read more about the site and the museum in our guide here or click on the image below.