Object of the Month Archive

Our Object of the Month opens up the store cupboards to bring you a piece from our collection in more detail. The Curator and guests choose an object every month to showcase some interesting finds.

Here are the objects we’ve featured:

April 2021

Object Title: Toy Panda Object Number: 2015.5 This stuffed toy panda belonged to Gerald McLeod who lived at King Edward...
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March 2021

Object of the Month Object Title: Wooden travel chess set Object Number: 2021.2 This small, unassuming wooden chess set is...
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February 2021

Coronula diadema - Whale barnacle 1998.6.305 - 44mm x 52mm This crown shaped shell is a whale barnacle. Although once...
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January 2021

Museum Director Sarah picks out a whaler’s handcrafted knife as an example of a museum object that speaks to her....
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December 2020

Christmas 1954 Menu for Southern Harvester Object Number: 2014.4.11 The menu is part of a small collection donated by Bill...
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November 2020

November The Curator, Jayne, chooses one of her favourite objects from the museum. The South Georgia version of the Ten...
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October 2020

The South Georgia Museums' object of the month for October: The South Georgia postage stamps. These stamps were the first...
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September 2020

Object of the Month Glass slides from the Discovery Investigations Object Number: 2020.08 This glass slide is one of a...
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