Our Partners

Based in the USA, FOSGI is an affiliate organisation to SGHT. FOSGI is dedicated to raising funds to protect and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of South Georgia, restoring the ecological balance and returning it to the incredibly rich and biodiverse island it once was.
UKAHT preserves, enhances and promotes British Antarctic heritage. They operate a remote museum at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula. There are many similarities in where and how we operate, so we benefit from working closely with UKAHT.

Recent graduates of the Museum and Gallery Studies course at St Andrews University have regularly been appointed Curatorial Intern at the South Georgia Museum. We have forged a close relationship with the university staff who offer us advice and support.

The South Georgia Association is a membership organisation for those with an interest in South Georgia. Their members are a rich source of knowledge on all matters South Georgia.
The Norwegian organisation Øyas Venner focuses on South Georgia and promotes and preserves the Norwegian heritage of the island and region. Their support for, and collaboration with, the South Georgia Museum is very valuable to us.

We have a strong link to The Whaling Museum in Sandefjord, Norway,
through our shared interest in the history of whaling in South

We have close links with the Falkland Islands Museum and often share resources with them. Our two organisations have overlapping historical interests and they regularly host our travelling exhibitions.
We also welcome the huge amount of support from the tourist industry; from the cruise ship operators and staff, and the visitors they bring to the island. Many other organisations are key to us successfully operating on a remote island. We receive a lot of help from the British Antarctic Survey and their personnel based at the King Edward Point.